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Find The Best Acne Treatment for You

October 25, 2022 by A Younger You

Find The Best Acne Treatment for You

Acne is a condition of the skin that is a result of hair follicles getting clogged up with dead skin cells and oil. This skin condition is most commonly found among teenagers. However, it can occur in people of all ages. With regard to available treatments and possible causes, adult acne has many similarities to adolescent acne.

At A Younger You Medical Spa, we offer many options for not only acne skin treatments, but also skin treatments for acne scars, which are caused by inflammation of the acne blemishes.

The Best Skin Rejuvenation Treatments for Acne

There are many types of effective treatments that can help with acne. Knowing more about each treatment can assist you in finding the one that will help reduce acne and scarring on your skin.

Chemical peel

A chemical peel is intended to remove the outermost layer of your skin. Doing so improves the texture and smoothness while removing scars. This process allows the dead skin cells to shed more rapidly, keeping your hair follicles from clogging.

You can choose a chemical peel at one of three depths, depending on your skin condition. Acne is treated with a light chemical peel that may cause minor skin flaking, skin irritation, redness, and stinging. However, after repeated treatments, these side effects will most likely disappear.

The results of a light chemical peel are initially subtle but will increase over repeated treatments. While deep chemical peels happen once and require an extended healing process, a light chemical peel can be done several times over a few weeks. Applying a protective ointment, such as petroleum jelly, is recommended after the treatment to soothe your skin.

Intense Pulse Lighting

Intense pulse lighting is a great skin rejuvenation process. It uses light energy to remove damaged or pigmented skin cells or hair follicles that cause acne. This process heats the skin cells and breaks them down, leaving them for your body to remove naturally.

We all have different skin types and medical histories. Therefore, side effects of IPL may include swelling, bleeding, and blistering, but may not occur for each individual. While considering Intense Pulse Lighting as a treatment for acne, you will need about six sessions to really notice a difference in your skin.

After you have had the treatment, you may get the same sensation on your skin as you would experience when having sunburn for about 4-6 hours. A cool cloth or even an ice pack can give you relief from this feeling. Your skin may also experience redness or bruising for a day or so, and some brown spots may darken but peel off within a couple of weeks.

The use of makeup is not recommended if your skin hurts. However, using a moisturizing lotion should soothe any discomfort that you may feel. Also, by using an SPF 30 sunscreen your skin will have effective protection.


Microdermabrasion is a procedure that is non-invasive and gentle. This acne skin treatment exfoliates by removing the outermost layer of skin. It is effective for mild cases of acne by reducing oil buildup and unclogging pores. This treatment can also help with acne-scarred skin rejuvenation.

For most people of different skin tones and types, microdermabrasion is one of the safest acne treatments. Because it only impacts the top layer of skin, the side effects experienced are short and relatively mild. Side effects may include swelling, bruising, tenderness, redness, and colored spots that should subside or fade within a few hours of the procedure being done.

Proper care must be taken after this acne treatment has been done to ensure that the skin heals properly and that you continue to keep your skin in good condition. Avoid using any harsh cosmetics or acne products for 24 hours after treatment, and add an effective moisturizer to your regular skincare routine. You should also avoid direct sunlight for 48 hours, as microdermabrasion leaves skin prone to sun damage. In addition, an excessive amount of sunscreen should be used when exposed to sunlight for the following three weeks after the procedure.


Microneedling can be used for acne treatment. It is the process of tiny needles poking into the affected area of the skin to stimulate the production of collagen. Microneedling can also assist in the skin treatment of acne scars by promoting the growth of new skin cells. It is not only useful for acne treatments but also for acne prevention. By reducing the production of sebum, which makes your skin oily, it stops acne from forming. You may need a series of treatments depending on the severity of your acne. However, scars left behind will become less noticeable as new skin cells replace old ones. Drinking an above-average amount of water before the treatment of microneedling can lower your chances of skin bruising and swelling.

Side effects are normal in most cases. They include slight redness, swelling, bruising, dryness, and irritation of the skin in the treated area.

Proper after-care includes avoiding excessive exposure to sunlight, over-strenuous physical activity, and not using any skin products that contain alcohol. Side effects should clear up in a couple of days after the procedure.

Effective Acne Treatments in Brookfield and Burlington, WI

If you have acne and are struggling to treat it with over-the-counter medication, a medical spa treatment may be the solution for your skin rejuvenation. A Younger You Medical Spa in Brookfield, WI offers the best skin rejuvenation treatments. We also serve Burlington, Waukesha, Milwaukee, and New Berlin, WI areas. Call us to find out how we can treat your acne!

We offer free consultations to our customers in Burlington and Brookfield and throughout southeastern Wisconsin. If you're interested in learning more about the services available to you, visit one of our convenient sites. Our staff is committed to assisting you in realizing your aesthetic vision in an environment that values your time, respects your privacy, and leaves you refreshed and ready to take on another day.

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