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Benefits of Non-Surgical Body Contouring

May 6, 2019 by A Younger You

Non-surgical body contouring

Give yourself the body you deserve with treatments that blast away fat and don't require you to go under the knife. Non-surgical body contouring gives you a sexy shape without any surgery or downtime. Does that sound too good to be true? It can be your reality with treatments that target fat and trim your stubborn spots.

What is Non-Surgical Body Contouring?

The term refers to body shaping procedures that help you firm, trim and reshape your body without surgery or liposuction. These treatments allow you to trim away the excess fat from your thighs, buttocks, tummy, back or love handles.

How Can Body Contouring Help You?

If you've had a hard time getting your body as slender and shapely as you'd like, you could change your body and your life with non-surgical body contouring. Are you at your correct weight but still having trouble toning and trimming certain areas? Non-surgical body contouring can help you reach your goals with:

  • No needles
  • No surgery
  • No pills

How Do These Treatments Work?

They work in a similar, three-step fashion.

  • They use a variety of techniques to specifically target fat cells that are under the skin's surface. There is no need for incisions because the devices can reach the fat cells without penetrating the skin.
  • The fat cells disintegrate, melt or dissolve.
  • Your body gets rid of the fat cells through your lymphatic system.

What's Available?

There are a few proven, tested treatments that have been shown to work at zapping fat and helping you achieve a firm, lean body. One of the most popular is a treatment called CoolSculpting®, and for good reason! Rather than heating the fat cells, this technique uses cold temperatures to freeze them. The procedure is otherwise similar to other options out there, and your body eliminates fat cells the same way. CoolSculpting® is the only treatment that uses fat freezing.

Laser treatments use a laser with variable beams to target fat cells below the skin's surface. Laser treatments can deliver intense heat to the fat cells without burning or harming your skin. Radiofrequency devices work in a similar fashion to laser devices. Although laser and RF treatments can be effective, we are proud to offer CoolSculpting® because it is safe, effective, and can be used on various areas.

What Are the Benefits of Non-Surgical Body Contouring?

If you thought getting rid of that excess flab meant having to go under the knife, it's good to know that non-surgical body shaping offers many advantages.

No Surgery, No Recovery

This is the main reason to choose non-surgical body contouring. You don't have to take on any of the risks of surgery or general anesthesia. You don't have to worry about the long, painful recovery time of surgery. There is no need for lengthy follow-up appointments, wound care, staying home from work or otherwise uprooting your life.

With non-surgical options, you get comfortable, relaxing treatments that let you get on with your life. You don't have to give up any of your regular activities. You can continue working, playing sports, exercising, traveling and socializing. This makes them great for those with busy schedules and lifestyles.

Convenient Appointments

Non-surgical body treatments are available right here in the comfort of our office. You can make appointments on your time and your schedule. You don't have to worry about preparing for surgery or arranging a ride home. You can stop in after work, during a break, on a weekend or whenever it works for you.

Amazing Results

These treatments work with your body to produce naturally beautiful results. If you're concerned that you won't get great results without surgery, you can set your mind at rest. Clinical studies and patient reviews have all concluded that these non-surgical treatments can give you measurable, striking results, although they do vary from patient to patient.

Non-surgical body contouring treatments get universally high approval ratings on consumer review sites for cosmetic procedures. The high demand for non-surgical approaches has led to advances that have made these treatments better than ever.

Comfortable Procedures

You might think that toning and shaping your body is a matter of “no pain, no gain.” Non-surgical procedures prove that there's a better way. With a comfortable, non-invasive procedure, you can get rid of that fat once and for all.

Most sessions last just minutes. Many people use their treatment sessions to catch up on their reading, emails or binge-watching. That sounds a lot better than going in for anesthesia, surgery and recovery, doesn't it?

Permanent Results

When you lose weight through diet and exercise, your fat cells shrink, but they don't go away. That's why it can be difficult to shed those last few inches of fat. Non-surgical body contouring procedures destroy and remove the fat cells. Those fat cells can never “grow back.”

Keep in mind that the fat cells you have left can grow if you gain weight. The best way to maintain your great results is to maintain a healthy weight and continue living a healthy lifestyle.

Lower Cost

In addition to saving you time, non-surgical body contouring can usually save you money. The costs tend to be much lower than the costs of surgery.

Other Considerations

One thing to keep in mind regarding these treatments is that you won't see immediate results. Your body needs time to adjust to the loss of fat cells and its new, smaller size. Once you complete your treatments, you will start to see your body changing over the weeks and months that follow. Patience is key. The best way to get to those results is to start as soon as possible.

How Many Sessions Will You Need?

The number of sessions you need depends on your goals, number of targeted areas and the procedure you're using. Our professional can help you create the right treatment plan.

Learn More About Non-Surgical Body Contouring

If you're ready to get rid of stubborn fat, discover what our non-surgical body sculpting at A Younger You Medical Spa can do for you. You could have the sexy, shapely body of your dreams in just weeks or months. Contact us today to book your initial consultation at our office in Burlington or Brookfield!

We offer free consultations to our customers in Burlington and Brookfield and throughout southeastern Wisconsin. If you're interested in learning more about the services available to you, visit one of our convenient sites. Our staff is committed to assisting you in realizing your aesthetic vision in an environment that values your time, respects your privacy, and leaves you refreshed and ready to take on another day.

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